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Neuroptimax™ Pro was created by two pioneering figures in the fields of international sports nutrition, health and performance – and heavily influenced by leading neuroscientists. Their experience in MMA, intuitive understanding of elite sports, and love of competition, guided the Neuroptimax™ team to focus on what is arguably our ultimate performance organ, the brain, and the damage that ongoing trauma can cause it.


Over 5 years of rigorous research and testing and a truly game-changing supplement.


Maintaining a highly-performing brain is key to an athlete’s performance. Neuroptimax™ Pro is a revolutionary new supplement designed to reduce the effects of brain trauma and maintain brain health and performance.


In the last ten years, cases of concussion in elite sport have doubled. However, concussion is complex and there are currently no definitive tests, meaning the injury difficult to accurately diagnose.

There is a lack of consistency when it comes to policing concussion in professional sports and an absence of products or advice that provide athletes with the support they need. Left unchecked, the long-term impact can be significant. 15% of people who suffer a head trauma also develop long-term effects that
can impair personality, concentration, performance and memory.

To complicate matters further, widely-accepted myths about concussion continue to place athletes at risk.

Many MMA competitors believe that concussion is closely linked to KOs (in reality, over 90% of cases occur when athletes are conscious). It is also not the first impact that causes most issues, but the cumulative effect of multiple traumas.

Common misconceptions like these, together with the difficulty in distinguishing concussion from other conditions, can mean athletes go undiagnosed, and left unchecked, the long-term impact of concussion can be significant.

Today, the injury is the leading cause of long-term disability in the world. 15% of people who suffer a head trauma also develop long-term effects that can impair everything from sport performance and personality to concentration and memory.

Neuroptimax™ Pro's unique formula is designed to maintain the cognitive performance that elite athletes need to stay at the top of their game.

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